The kitchen is one of the most patronised spaces of your home, lending room for cooking, benchtop snacking and entertaining guests among its many uses.

With our modern, busy lifestyles, it’s no real revelation that designers for custom made kitchens of today are pulling in the big guns of convenience along with style and finesse. Custom designed kitchens are more of an integration of living areas, capitalising on fresh, airy spaces and clean lines.

Need some inspiration for a new kitchen design? Take a look at some of the hottest trending custom designed kitchens, which our team at Queensland Custom Homes have been keeping up with of late.

  1. Grey is the new white

Refined and unpretentious. Done right, a palette of warm and cool greys can radiate sophistication through your home. Grey is an easy partner for your fixtures, fittings and décor, as you can make just about anything look good muddled with grey.

Grey and white kitchen

We see a lot of clients add a splash of colour to their kitchens through chic, glossy appliances such as kettles, toasters and coffee machines. The steel-look, retro, classic appliances have really made a comeback and these can add some true funk to grey-coloured palates.

  1. Timber features

The resurgence of timber in kitchens has certainly had some influence of late by the ‘Hamptons’ trend. This is a fresh, classic, sophisticated look inspired by the summer retreats of the rich and the famous, just north of New York city. Light oak timber coupled with shaker-style doors, glass cabinetry, and muted grey marbling benchtops, manifest into charming, beachside retreat-style homes.

The alternative is the addition of timber veneer to a modern kitchen to create warmth and class.

Timber Veneer Kitchen

  1. Technological advances

With modern life, the kitchen is a buzzing place with devices, widgets and gadgets. Docking stations transmitting favoured tunes, smart phones recharging, laptops being revitalised from energy sockets – they are often found right there in the kitchen. Savvy stylists are allowing for this into their kitchen designs

Workstations are being included ingeniously behind kitchen doors or as extensions to cabinetry. Allotments for smart devices are also being introduced by way of niches. If we need to stay connected, then why not do it someplace where you can multitask or interact with family at the same time.


  1. Fit for a butler

As the kitchen is playing more of a starring role as the hub of the home, homeowners are seeking additional ways to keep it clear and uncluttered. Bring on the butler’s pantry! This little gem is a supplementary food prep and storage space, and much sought-after for home entertainers.

Butler Pantry

Butler’s pantries are excellent when you need more space for preparing meals or keeping dirty dishes packed away until they can be attended to (think state of origin footy night!). The area should include a bench space, a sink and storage units at a minimum. We’ve seen larger custom designed kitchens also include a wine fridge into their butler’s pantry.

  1. The splash is back

Yes, that’s right, splashbacks are a big feature of modern kitchens and no longer an afterthought. Kitchen splashbacks add texture or colour to a kitchen. Coloured glass, transparent glass used over features like brickwork, or stone tiles to flow on from benchtop designs creating uniformity up to the wall.

Mirror Splashback

If you need some custom designed kitchen inspiration, our team at Queensland Custom Homes can give you a lending hand. Our expert team are always at the forefront of design trends and innovation for the entire home. Give us a call on 07 3807 1033 or contact us online.

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