It takes patience and persistence to build a dream home, and as the dreamer, there are many factors to be considered. The first place you need to start is finding your base, and what we all know is referred to as, a block of land.


Securing the perfect block of land is crucial to the success of building your castle in the sky. What layout of land worked well for the Robinsons might just be the exact opposite of what is required for your custom-built home.


Four basic items to consider when you’re on the hunt for your ideal block of land.


  1. Size does matter

Unlike various other things in life, this time size matters. Your block of land should be dependent on the scope and features you want in your custom home design. Outdoor living spaces, a pool, extra rooms inside the house like media rooms, games rooms, and mud rooms; these all impact the size of the block of land that you will need.


This is the map of a new land release in a quiet community known as Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast and as you can see there are a variety of shapes and sizes.


  1. Slope of the land

A gentle slope in a block of land does not usually pose too much of a problem for a custom home builder. Internal split levels and basement areas are some of the ways that you can make use of a sloping block of land in your custom home design. The problem is heightened however, when there is too much of a slope to work with. This can necessitate extra land fill and earthworks, which can be downright pricey.


  1. Setback requirements and covenants

Each state has its own laws on how buildings and associated structures can be positioned on a property. In our sunshine state, the Queensland Development Code’s (QDC) Design and Siting Standards governs this. Two of the more common setback requirements under this law are for lots over and under 450 square meters. Home designs need to allow for these setback standards.


Land situated in community living arrangements more often have covenants that you need to follow as well. These can be as strict as the colour of your home exterior and your landscaping requirements too.


  1. Local community

Although this does not directly impact the build of your home, its most certainly worth considering. Make sure your favoured block of land is in an area that would suit your lifestyle and family. Schools, public transport, medical facilities, sporting and community services could all be factors that you might like to ponder over, as well as the general reputation of the area. Facebook community pages are a great way of gaining a little background information about various suburbs too.

In Queensland there are a number of small communities to choose from, such as ‘Riverstone Crossing’. These communities often release new land developments so all you have to do is choose the best one for you.


Building a new home is one of our greatest dreams as humans.


If you have found a block of land to lust over, why not contact a custom home builder to assess the property against your design aspirations before you purchase. Custom home building experts, like our team at Queensland Custom Homes, can ensure that you don’t waste away your desires by choosing an imperfect canvas.


Once you find your idyllic block; we can build your castle in the sky. Start your journey here.

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

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