When it’s time to think about a new home to stamp into your passport of life, it can often be difficult to decide whether to build a new home or to buy an existing residence.


Home is colloquially where our heart is; where we venture on back to after a long day’s hard yakka. Home is where we learn about boundaries and independence, raise a family, grow old, and long to visit when we’re away for extended periods of time.


To save your brain cells from working overdrive, Queensland Custom Homes have put together some of the benefits we see for building a new home, as opposed to buying.


  1. Design Flexibility

Design of a new home is completely in your court. If you work with a custom home builder like us here at Queensland Custom Homes, you can have your dream plans drafted by an architect with every nitty gritty detail decided by you, or you can select from a floor plan that you have seen and liked, and have it customised uniquely for your needs. Colours, textures and finishes, it’s all up to you!

The custom design and décor of your new home is unique to you and your style.


  1. Construction Choices

You have the ability to fully research a builder’s background, to get a firm understanding on who you are putting your trust into for building your future home. Builder’s warranties are also included in a build, so you can gain some reassurance that someone will have your back if anything unforeseen happens.


Once you buy a pre-existing home, there is no choice on who built it, or on the quality of construction materials that they used.


  1. Lifestyle and Community Choices

Building a new home promotes additional advantages with the ability to select your block of land in an area that interests you and your lifestyle. Examples of this might include a block of land with water frontage, acreage, flat black, sloping block, located near amenities that appeal to you like parks and open spaces, public sporting grounds, within a gated estate, etc. Finding a perfect block in the most suited location means that you have more chance of bundling your ideal home with idyllic lifestyle options.


  1. Limited Additional Work

Generally, once your home is built there is not much else to do other than move on in! Sometimes you’ll have the odd bit (or the odd lot depending on the size of your block of course) of landscaping to do, but this is usually not as extensive as the renovations or redevelopments that are commonly required when you buy an existing home.

This home was custom built by Queensland Custom Homes and tailored to suit the needs of the owners with spectacular, spacious living areas.


To get the full scope about the benefits of building your own home, our team at Queensland Custom Homes can help guide you through the step-by-step process. Amongst our team of professionals, we also work closely with experts who can help get your plans underway, assist with construction loan finance, and even offer guidance on legislative requirements for building. Contact us today to explore the full benefits of building a new home.

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Choosing the builder for your new home can be a daunting task.  Grab our 14 point checklist and make the decision process clearer.

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