Often, our team at Queensland Custom Homes hear news about our fine industry that is simply just too good not to share. Government reforms affecting the construction trade, changes to legislation, tips for home owners, and new construction methods for custom built homes. So, we thought it was time to do a catch-up for our loyal readers and followers.


So, here it is. A quick burst of some of the most interesting building industry news and gossip we think is worthy of sharing.


Aging population calls for innovative custom home designs


As our aging population becomes more and more apparent, worldwide organisations are looking to the future to design aesthetically pleasing, practical residences for our Baby Boomer generation. Born between 1946 and 1964, this is a generation of “elders” who have become accustomed to independence and have dabbled in the conveniences of modern technology.


Designers, architects and home builders will need to cater for this generation who, unlike their parents and grandparents, would rather not “inconvenience” their families by moving in, but would prefer to reside in their own homes. Functionality will be at the forefront of new homes built to support this aging population. Items such as wider hallways to cater for walkers and wheelchairs, handrails and safety bars, non-skid flooring, improved lighting and smart switches throughout the home, and even the taps in wet areas need to be considered carefully.


For those who are happy to move into aged care facilities; airy spaces with landscaped offerings would be expected outdoors, along with high-speed internet, and functional lounge and sitting areas inside.


Read more about this article in detail at Construction in Focus.


Custom built home made from hemp wins award


The image above shows Hempcrete in the early stages of the manufacturing process.

The image above shows Hempcrete in the early stages of the manufacturing process.


Balanced Earth, who are renowned for their architecturally designed hemp buildings, have taken out the Master Builders New South Wales Energy Efficient Building Award for their sustainable use of hempcrete as a construction method. The builders say that their hempcrete creation takes the carbon out of the atmosphere and stores it in the fibre, which locks it into the building to become carbon negative. Check out more about this interesting read on ABC News here.


This sustainably clever invention inspires our team at Queensland Custom Homes as we love protecting the environment with use of our 5-star energy efficient construction methods too.


Skyrocketing house prices in Sydney sparks a potential for southerners to make their move north


According to Macquarie, roughly 130,000 people would make the trek north over the next three years.

According to Macquarie, roughly 130,000 people would make the trek north over the next three years.


If you think you have a plethora of new home choices in our sunny state, then you might need to think again.


According to the team at Macquarie Bank, house prices in Sydney are almost double to those in Australia’s other capital cities. The Macquarie team say that Queensland is looking attractive to these asset-rich southerners with our job creation rates on the rise. They feel a migration of Blues may very well soak up some of the over-supply of apartments in Brisbane and drive our real estate property prices higher. You can read more about this story on ABC News here.


The Queensland Custom Homes team are constantly on our toes to ensure we are abreast of the new home construction trends, regulations and news that could affect our new and existing custom home clients. Our regular blog is a great way to ensure you keep up to date with our news and industry announcements as they come to hand.


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