Have you recently purchased a block of land and are unsure of whether to engage an architect or a builder to design your new home?


For those who have done it before, you will be well aware that designing a new home can be very exciting. For those who are novices at said project, take it from us, along with the excitement comes a muddle of time-consuming, frustrating, confusing and overwhelming experiences too.


With so much on the market from new trends, tips, tricks, to old conveniences, construction methods, budgeting restraints, and everything in between, you need to have the time, energy, and skillset to successfully master the challenge of designing a new home. It is for this very reason, that you should consider engaging someone with the dexterity of both home building and design.


Through the experience and knowledge of well-executed plans, designs and construction methods, a custom home builder, like Queensland Custom Homes, can help to master your home building dreams and expectations seamlessly. Custom home builders generally offer an in-house design service that is a fraction of the price of an architect as well.

Preliminary design

Preliminary design

Queensland Custom Homes’ premium results are functional and usable designs and spaces, crafted with knowledge and expertise from people who live and breathe building, not just designs on paper.


Our custom designs are simply that – custom and uniquely you. You will find that no two home designs are the same so you can rest assured your design is exclusive and won’t be built again!


So, why should you engage a builder to design your new home?

  • Custom home builders offer an exceptional understanding of the design and building process, ensuring aesthetically pleasing, functional designs that work.
  • Designs are made to suit your budget.
  • A streamlined process from design to build. No confusing middlemen to deal with.
  • Exceptionally quick turn-around time, in particular when compared to an architect!


Not to mention the cost saving benefits, including:

  • Plans completed direct with a builder are generally a lot cheaper than engaging an architect and there is less need for revisions, which also can prove costly.
  • The design will incorporate the most cost-effective system without compromising on the integrity of the design, which can potentially save you thousands of dollars in the building process.


Queensland Custom Homes are also more than happy to construct from your plans produced by an architect. We would love to talk with you about building your dream home, and there is no challenge too big for our talented team of building professionals.

Home built by Queensland Custom Homes

Home built by Queensland Custom Homes

Currently, Queensland Custom Homes is offering an attractive sale on our preliminary packs, which include soil test, preliminary design, specifications and quote. For more details, please contact us.

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Choosing the builder for your new home can be a daunting task.  Grab our 14 point checklist and make the decision process clearer.

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