Mud room is probably not a terminology that you are very familiar with, but the inconveniences associated with not having a mud room are probably more familiar.


So, what is a mud room?


Have you ever wondered in from the rain, dripping wet, umbrella in one hand, juggling keys, handbag, purse, laptop and whatever else in all other possible areas of carry? At this point of time, you wish there was somewhere you could walk straight into, sit down, dump your armful of precious cargo, and remove your horribly wet shoes. You got it – a mud room!


A mud room is a transition from the outside in. An area of your home perfectly suited to drop off bit and bobs that you don’t necessarily need to carry right though to other areas of the home.


Why should you have a mud room?


With the Australian climate in particular, a mud room creates a safeguard against the elements from penetrating the main body of your home. From the snow on boots from down south, to the beaches and sandy feet carries of the warmer parts of the country, to the dusty outback, and farmland remote. A mud room presents an area to stop off, dust off, set down and at times, unload before entering the house

Mud room with plenty of storage and convenient bench seating. Credit:

Mud room with plenty of storage and convenient bench seating. Credit:

What should be included in a mud room?


Design and inclusions should be considered carefully for each home, and planning is a key part. Depending on your circumstances, a mud room can be a place to dump shoes, sporting gear, jackets, school bags, a dog lead, and even a pram.


The basics that are worth considering, and proving popular in the mud rooms that our team at Queensland Custom Homes are seeing of late, include:



This one is non-negotiable really. Somewhere to sit to remove your wet shoes and sand-filled items. A stylish, practical chair or bench seat is a must.



Hooks and racks, pigeon holes and cupboards, you’ll need somewhere to stash your goods. Pack as much storage into your mud room as possible. You might even like to dedicate a single locker area to each member of your household! This is especially popular for families catering for multiple school kids.

Mud room with ample hanging space. Credit:

Mud room with ample hanging space. Credit:

Shoe Rack

A shoe lover’s dream, except this one is for mud room convenience. Somewhere to store your shoes will never go astray in a mud room. Consider a rack placed neatly behind some cupboard doors for aesthetics.



An area to plonk your keys or de-stash while you organise yourself. A neat little nook creating a shelf can also do the job nicely.


The best location to create a mud room is anywhere accessible from the outside in. A side note to the front entry, or an area within the laundry perhaps. Using a wet area such as a laundry, can also prove beneficial for the addition of a shower when the need really arises.


Mud rooms are all the rage right now and are as adaptable as you make them. Every lifestyle and every home can certainly benefit from the conveniences of having a mud room.


If you’re looking for other design inspiration, tips and trends, get in touch with our team at Queensland Custom Homes. Always at the forefront of construction and design, we’ll keep you abreast of all the savvy home building ideas.

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