Outdoor Living Solutions

Don’t want the hassle of contracting multiple companies to complete your home how you want? Then don’t, let Queensland Custom Homes take care of every aspect.

Queensland Custom Homes are unique in that we can complete all facades of your home and outdoor living spaces. This includes:

  • Inground pools
  • Hard landscaping’s including decks, fencing, gazebos, footpaths
  • Soft landscaping’s including turf and gardens
  • Irrigation and Plumbing including HSTP systems

There are many benefits to this service, including the ability to design a home that integrates the pool and other features into it, instead of them being an add-on afterwards, the simplicity of a single contract, easier with banking and bank finance and less hassle dealing with multiple trades and companies.

Building your dream home just got even easier!


Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Checklist - Choosing Your Home Builder

Choosing the builder for your new home can be a daunting task.  Grab our 14 point checklist and make the decision process clearer.

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